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Crime by Design Series

How can one woman keep playing it legal in a family of black market 'entrepreneurs'? An art-forger brother, a former thief of a gallery partner, even her archaeologist-on-the-run boyfriend, are all under Interpol's scrutiny. And so, by default, is Phoebe McCabe

Yet, Phoebe, a former almost-lawyer and fiber artist, is determined to play it clean. If only she could. Matters grow more complicated as she becomes close friends with Sir Rupert Fox, her knitting buddy on Wednesday afternoons. With his help, she continues to slam up against the underbelly of the antiquities trade. First, it's a deadly encounter with Nova Scotia's Oak Island treasure, followed by an intriguing Anatolian textile that drags her deep into Turkey. And then, just when she believes her life is finally settled, along comes an Italian aristocrat pleading for help to free her family from decades of bad blood. Phoebe cannot with any conscience stay out of trouble. Even love puts a gun to her head.

Meet a kick-ass heroine in an increasingly dirty world. At once funny and sometimes heartbreaking, Crime by Design takes you on a thrilling ride through the art and antiquities world amid a rich tapestry of characters and settings, and a strong but conflicted woman to keep you company.

Rogue Wave

Unemployed textile artist Phoebe McCabe wants desperately to find her missing brother and to knit the fraying edges of her life together, so when her godfather, Max Baker, asks her help to track Toby's last steps in Bermuda, she can't refuse.

Only Max, an arts and antiques dealer, isn't telling the whole story, nor is her father, whose deteriorating dementia hides a family secret that has stymied her since childhood. Phoebe agrees to enter the estate of a Bermudan fiction author on a ruse in order to untangle the knots of her brother's hidden life, but nothing and no one are who they seem, and the stakes are smeared in blood.

Surrounded by thieves and killers, Phoebe pitches herself against the treacherous beauty of an island, as well as all the perilous greed of the human heart. Sunken treasure, betrayal, and heartbreak plunge her closer to her missing brother, but what she discovers in the end not only shocks her world, but changes her view of everyone in it, including herself.

The Warp and the Weave

An ancient symbol. A missing brother. A man who promises everything but isn't what he seems.

The past keeps ambushing Phoebe McCabe as she begins her new life as a London gallery owner. Every crook believes she knows where her missing brother hid the hoard; Interpol thinks the thieves may have stashed the priceless artifacts under her nose; and she's being stalked by multiple interests, none of them friendly. All she wants is a normal life but normal never looked like this.

Against the panorama of Central Turkey's underground cities and ancient caves, Phoebe chases clues deep into the prehistoric past. She desperately needs to find her brother, yet everything conspires to drag her deeper into the black market antiquities trade. Who is friend and who is foe? Is the man she cares for a crook or a new breed of hero? And how does an antique textile connect to how men worshiped women thousands of years ago?

What Phoebe discovers along the way is more than just about ancient shrines, missing relatives, and love betrayed. She finds that what's at the heart of the human weave may be the pattern that illuminates everything that matters.

This fast-moving suspense blends intrigue, humor, and romance against a textile-rich world interwoven with archaeology, ideology, and one woman's quest for the ultimate truth.

Beautiful Survivor

Phoebe McCabe can't resist Sir Rupert Fox's invitation to work with him on an assignment on the Amalfi Coast. All they need do is assess the contents of a neglected villa belonging to Nicolina, the granddaughter of a recently-deceased count. But the owner is late arriving, Rupert's not talking, and Phoebe finds the villa stripped of valuables, including the "jewels" of every male statue and painting on the property. The deeper she digs, the more family skeletons come rattling out of the closet, most of them armed, and definitely dangerous. Why did Sir Foxy neglect to mention that Nicolina's grandmother mysteriously disappeared nearly twenty years ago, and why are they being tailed all over the Amalfi by men in black cars? By the time Phoebe puts it all together, Sir Rupert's been lured off in one direction, Nicolina's taken off in another, and she's gunning it to Orvieto in a borrowed Maserati with killers on her heels. If she doesn't find Nicolina in time, too many innocent people will die, including Phoebe .

But Phoebe doesn't have to do everything alone. Two men show up to both complicate and simplify matters--Interpol's Sam Walker, who stalks her everywhere, and her own archaeologist-on-the-run hottie, Noel Halloren. Love can be such a crime sometimes.
If there's one thing Phoebe' knows, it's what lies on the surface is only the beginning of what seethes beneath. As she blows the cover off Nicolina's family secrets, one after the other, everyone left standing are tributes to a true survivor.

What people are saying about Crime by Design Series?

You know how when you are so excited to get a book you hesitate to read it because you do not want it to end? Well that was me with this book. When I started it I was about to leave on a trip so I also bought the kindle version because I couldn't wait a week to get back to reading the book. I respect Jane Thornley and LOVED Frozen Angel that was set in New Orleans where I had lived for years. Imagine my surprise when the setting for this new book is in Nova Scotia where my grandfather was born and raised. My ancestors go back to the middle 1700's in this location. In fact Mahone Bay is very close to Oak Island. Well ancient treasure, mystery, romance, strange homes and a strong female character make for a WONDERFUL journey. Be warned though that, as in a treasure hunt, all questions are not answered at once. I can't wait for the next book to discover with Phoebe the next twist in this fascinating story.

Ancient treasure, mystery, romance
Sheila H. Mccormick

Jane Thornley's Rogue Wave is full of intrigue, mystery, romance and impending doom. I found myself rooting for more than one of the characters at times, and then along came a twist that blew my theory right out of the water! I downloaded the book and started reading. I couldn't put it down and finished reading sometime in the middle of the night. I am looking forward to discovering more about these characters in future installments. Until then, I will check out Ms. Thornley's first book, Frozen Angel.

Couldn't put it down!

If book one in this series wasn't enough to prove Thornley's talent (and it was) then book two would have sealed the deal anyway. These books are fabulously paced--gripping with intrigue from the onset and building in suspense and action as the story continues to one earth-shattering conclusion. Meanwhile, Thornley manages to succeed in accomplishing what many authors cannot--crafting a character who grows more with EACH story! That's right, there's not just more story here, but there's more to learn about Phoebe or more opportunity to watch her grow. Gosh, I just love this girl! She really steals your heart and makes you care about her and her survival. What a beautifully emotive read, rich in symbolism and bursting with a fair share of both humor and tears. I'm hoping I won't have to wait much longer for book three as I was ready to continue on the moment I closed the page on this installment.

Excellent story and storytelling!

What a most excellent ride—and read! The action is wonderfully paced, as in Jane Thornley's previous novels. I love the characters and how they've grown. Phoebe has certainly grown a lot since Ms. Thornley's first novel in this series. If you've read the previous book and wanted more of Sir Rupert Fox, you've got it. He's a deliciously complicated character—good?bad?a little of both? Yep. The setting is mostly in Italy—especially if you've been there, you'll enjoy the wonderful descriptions, even as we're flying by as Phoebe races from some Very Bad Men. If you haven't read the previous novels, Ms. Thornley provides plenty of provocative back-story hints. You'll want to read the first two novels! If you have already, not to worry, the back-story hints are quickly woven into the current story. I'm going back to Rogue Wave and re-reading it, then on to Warp in the Weave and re-reading it.

All fun stuff!
Carpe Diem

Jane Thornley

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I began my knitting life at twenty-one years old with my first project – a trunk warmer for an elephant. Supposedly a sweater sleeve by intent, the fact that my hands had created this miraculous piece of slubbed, apricot-coloured, textile overrode niggles of disappointment.  My passion for yarn had begun.

Besides a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English and a Bachelor of Education, I hold a Masters of Library Service and spent many years as the passionate advocate of school libraries. Like so much of human experience, after a certain steam burns away, what is left hardens to the core. Adhered to mine, then, is the love for books, learning, and the celebration of the human voice through words or art. Only recently have I come to fully live what I believe.