Welcome to my knitting world.

I'm Jane Thornley and I AM NOT A KNITTING EXPERT

I prefer to call myself a knitting adventurer. After all, experts are people who do things right, whereas I do things east of right while exploring all the margins in between.

Here, mistakes are just random acts of creativity and are simply ignored. Who really cares about an extra yarn over, anyway. I encourage you to knit with multiple stitches, using multiple yarns, and no gauge. I even encourage holes. Check out my Holier Than Thou wrap if you don't believe me.

Creating beautiful things with color and texture ismy thing. Beautiful colors and simple stitches ismy mantra. In fact, you'll find me on Ravelry with the handle Color4texture where I have two groups and a Ravelry store with all my designs. And I have many, many designs, each of which are written more as recipes than traditional designs.

Some are complex with much more detail while others are invitations to play off-grid with needles and yarn.

You can scroll through some of my designs at the bottom of this page and on the Free-Range Knitting Club page to find all of my repertoire, visit my Ravelry store at: https://www.ravelry.com/designers/jane-thornley

Special club issues from the past 6 years of my knitting clubs are not all on Ravelry but those will be added soon.

Not certain whether free-range knitting is for you? Try this free pattern. Click on the link to download. Also join my knitting newsletter at the bottom of the page where I often give out free patterns as well as keep my readers upto date with fibery things.