Jane Thornley Knitting Kits

My kits are composed of luscious yarns in varying colors and textures to adapt to my 'free-range' designs. Most yarns feature Handmaiden Fine yarns and consist primarily of hand-dyed natural fibres such as silk and silk blends. Most of the yarns are pre-wound to encourage random acts of knitting. All come with patterns. When you choose a kit, a pattern will be included. You can either email me at jane@janethornley.com to request a special pattern or I will add one of my choice. Kits change each month. Check back here regularly to see what's new. Many kits are one-ofs and won't be here tomorrow.

Primavera Knit-along Join in a fun and free spirited Ode to spring!

Price: $25.00 US
Shipping $0 US

Primavera Kit Deposit Here's where you can order your silk mix of yarns for the Primavera Mystery Knit-along

Price: $50 US
Shipping $0 US

The 2021 Winter Renaissance Club It may be a long winter with so many reasons to keep us home but here's something to keep us all warm and engaged: a free-range knitting club just for the winter months! A minimum of 4 designs including a knit-along

Price: $50.00 US
Shipping $0 US

Picasso Moon: Lobsters Basking in the Sun Those lobsters, they love the sun...

Price: $188.00 US
Shipping $0 US

Saffron Moon I can almost feel the warmth...

Price: $170.00 US
Shipping $0 US

Picasso Moon: Sunset on Lido Just gasp!

Price: $176.00 US
Shipping $0 US